About ExactDeposit

We simplify the home buying experience by allowing home buyers to make their real estate deposits online. No more running to the bank. No more certified checks. The money is moved from the home buyer’s account to the destination trust account securely and in compliance with local real estate board regulations.

With a few clicks new deposit requests are created and paid through any web interface.
In minutes, with no driving or bank runs, real estate deposits can be processed.
Free to use
Or you can opt to pay the fees, and not receive any advertising, the choice is yours.
With no cheques to lose, and state of the art systems, your money is in good hands.
No lost transactions, no audits, and staff ready to support you when you need it.
The system protects real estate transactions, verifying buyer identities and funds.

You are a Home Buyer

Home Buyer

And right now you have more important things to be doing than running to the bank to get a check and drop it off somewhere else. You should be finding movers, painters, window coverings, even selecting an internet or insurance provider.

The good news is we got you covered. Tell your real estate agent that you want to use ExactDeposit, and save your time for doing more important things.

You are a Realtor


And your passion is to help people find the home of their dreams. The last thing you want to be doing is running checks around the city or filling out all of the associated paper work. Well you are in luck, because the solution to your problem is here!

ExactDeposit allows you and your clients to process deposits of up to $10,000 without having to step foot inside of a bank. And to top it off, we complete all of the FINTRAC paperwork for you.

You are a Broker


You are responsible for ensuring that rules are followed, that there is low risk in everything you do, and that your team and processes are as profitable as possible. Having paper checks running around, or non-compliant electronic transactions taking place, puts everything you’ve worked so hard at at risk.

We understand, and work with the real estate boards and other brokerages to make sure the services we provide meet, if not exceed, your requirements. From complete audit trails, standardized paperwork, and a support staff available when you need it, ExactDeposit is here to help your business grow.

You are an Advertiser


You have a product or service that you feel could be of great value to a target audience made up of home buyers who are “ready to buy” and real estate professionals looking to offer a higher level of service to their clients.

We would love to speak with you! We offer pay-per-impression, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-close type advertising opportunities.

The Team

Alex Proulx
President / CEO
James Oickle
Account Manager


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